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Guidelines for Scholarships for Clinical Studies (20 percent)

The purpose of the research funds is to help ensuring research activity among health truts, and to increase the productivity, the quality and the utility of research. A significant portion of the funds will go towards researcher education and building research competence. These scholarships are a targeted initiative towards integrating research into clinical practice, and are aimed at ongoing clinical studies. This initiative is intended to promote interest and competence in clinical studies, and thereby serve as a long-term recruitment measure for clinical research.

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The vision of The National Action Plan for Clinical Studies (2021-2025) is that clinical research should be an integrated part of all patient care. Scholarships for clinical studies can be one instrument to achieve the goals in the action plan.

Who Can Apply – Requirements at the Time of Application

Applicants must be employed by a healthcare institution or a private, non-profit institution in the region that has an agreement with Helse Vest, and hold a clinical or paraclinical position (of at least 50%). Applicant must have obtained a doctoral degree.

The scholarship is non-transferable. The applicant cannot submit multiple applications in the same category.

What Can Be Applied For

The application must be related to one or more ongoing research projects at the department where the applicant is employed. The projects must already be funded, and the purpose of the scholarships should be to develop the competence of the applicant.

Scholarships can be awarded for up to 3 years, 20 percent. The rate follows the rate for postdoctoral fellowships and should be used for salary with social expenses. Operational funds cannot be applied for.

If funds are awarded

Upon accepting the scolarship, 20 percent of the clinical position will be converted into a research position (buyout) for the duration of the funding period.

If there are changes in the applicant's employment relationship after the allocation and during the project period, the scholarship will be terminated.

Researchers receiving Helse Vest's research funds must complete a course in user participation. Employees in healthcare institutions will receive a certificate if they complete the course through the "Læringsportalen".

Project Overview and other attachments

Two attachments must be uploaded with the application:

Overview of relevant projects at the clinic, see template.

2. Letter of support from the clinic manager (maximum ½ page). The support letter should include:

a. Which projects the applicant will contribute to

b. How the department will facilitate the position

c. How the applicant's research competence will be utilized in the clinic after the scholarship period ends

If desired:

3. CV and publication list from the project leader of the relevant projects

Last updated 6/19/2024