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Guidelines for feedback and complaints procedures

These guidelines are based on the guidelines for evaluating applications.

  1. ​Grounds for rejection will be given for unsuccessful applications. The grounds are based on notes from application assessment and will mainly be of a general and overall character.

  2. The grounds for rejection will be made available within three weeks after the awarding of funding is made known.

  3. It is possible to contend the grounds for rejection. Complaints can only be made on the grounds of procedural errors. Exercise of academic judgement in the evaluation is not considered grounds for complaint.

  4. A written complaint must be forwarded through the applicant institution and signed by leader.
  5. The complaint must be brief (maximum two pages) and explain which procedural errors it concerns.

  6. The deadline for filing a complaint is three weeks after receiving the grounds for rejection.

  7. Complaints about procedural errors will be reviewed by a separate body for complaints.

  8. Final decisions will be made by the Liaison Committee (Samarbeidsorganet)
Last updated 6/21/2018