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Guidelines for Overseas Fellowships

The purpose of the research funds is to help ensure research activity in the healthcare institutions and to increase the productivity, quality, and benefits of the research. A significant portion of the funds will go towards researcher education and building research competence.

The Regional Liaison Committee (Det regionale samarbeidsorganet) contributes with funding for overseas fellowships for researchers and others who apply for research funds from Helse Vest. 

Postdoctoral fellowship applicants are especially encouraged to apply for an overseas fellowship over the course of their fellowship period. Please see the guidelines for postdoctoral fellowships.

Emphasis will be placed upon international networking and research collaboration when evaluating projects applying for research funds from Helse Vest.

What can be applied for

Funding for overseas fellowships is for 6 or 12 months in 100 percent employment. Salary during the stay abroad must be covered through a fellowship (e.g. postdoctoral fellowship) or by the employer. The general rule is that the stay should be continuous. The following costs can be covered:

  • Residence: The rates vary depending if one travels alone or with family. The rates for overseas fellowships are to cover documented start-up and additional expenses for overseas research stays. Taxes will be deducted from any surplus.
  • Travel Coverage of travel expenses (cheapest travel option) can be applied for.  If the applicant has children under school age and of school age (under 16 years old) and travels without children and spouse/partner, up to two round trips during the foreign stay can be covered. The need must be justified.

  • Travel expenses for round trips (actual expenses)
  • Rent, electricity, etc.
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Tuition fees if a public school cannot be used
  • Kindergarten (additional expenses compared to payments in Norway)
  • Insurance if extra insurance is required
  • Other operational expenses that support the purpose of the grant may be considered non-taxable

Project description and other attachments

Two attachements must be uploaded with the application:

A general template for project description has been prepared, which is to be used when submitting applications for research funds. The template gives information about which elements to include in the project description. The project description is to be uploaded as an attachment to the application (PDF document).

The attachments must be compiled into one attachment in the order that is outlined below. Upload the attachment as one PDF-document under "other attachments" in the application form:

1. Applicant's CV and list of publications from the last 5 years

2. An invitation from the foreign research environment.

3. A recommendation from the academic environment the applicant belongs to.

If applicable

4. Agreement of support, if necessary (please see the information about Who can apply research funding)

Page updated: June 2024

Last updated 6/12/2024